Friday, April 5, 2013


Our first order of business upon arriving in Pondicherry was to locate our accommodations and freshen up before setting out to see the city. After negotiating a fair price, we clambered into an auto and headed off to the French Quarter. Our hotel, Les Hibiscus, was simple yet elegant and exactly what we had hoped to escape to. At first the proprietor tried to tell us that there were no vacancies at the hotel, even after we told him who we were and that we had confirmed reservations. He soon pulled out his booking records in effort to prove to us that he had no room, which in turn, allowed us to point out our names in his book as the two who had filled his vacancies. Once confirmed, we were warmly welcomed and led through the lounge, out the side door, up a tight spiral stairway and eventually to our respective rooms.

Charlie and I claimed the room at the top of the steps which housed two, tall, twin beds with ornate head and foot boards. The room was cheery, clean, open, and to Charlie’s great delight had an attached bathroom with a Western toilet with loo roll to boot! Alok’s room was down the hall from ours and had a large, low king-sized bed, with a chaise lounge looking out towards the balcony terrace.
Charlie and my room. I really would like a bed like this back home... 
The common area where breakfast was served--  just outside our room. 

A lounging "nook" at the top of the stairs. 

Alok's room. Charlie is educating Alok on how to properly enjoy a chaise lounge. 

Hotel decor. 

This is the lounge area on the ground floor of the hotel. 

The lovely Les Hibiscus. 

Looking down the street. 
Breakfast was served the following morning in the common room adjacent to where we were staying. Fresh tropical fruits, tart curd, flaky croissants, crisp baguettes with sweet marmalade, and tea were on the menu. It was a French inspired breakfast which fueled us nicely for the day.

Charlie and Alok at breakfast. 
French style breads in India! A strange and lovely treat!
Fresh pineapple juice. 
Our hotel was the perfect place to “come apart” before we came apart. It was a relaxing haven to rest in for a brief moment before stepping back into the pace of life at CMC. We did not feel overworked or out of breath, as it were, but we realized that stepping away from the buzz of life for a little reprieve is needed from time to time, even when you are in India. I’m not going to lie; it was nice to stay in an air conditioned room for a night as well. 

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  1. Love your descriptions & especially love your photographs.