Thursday, February 26, 2015


It is everywhere I look. It is everywhere I go. It at the hospital. It is down the lane I’m residing. It is on the bus. It is everywhere I turn. I cannot escape it. It is the plenty. Colors. Faces. Noises. Vehicles. Smells. There is so much of it all, that this raised-on-a-quiet-farm girl cannot help but be amazed by it all. If I cannot see the bustle of life around me, then I am likely to either smell or hear it close by. All my senses are bombarded with stimuli. It is impossible for me not to feel the evidence of life all around me. Life that is not easy. Life that does not always seem fair. Life that is not clean. Life that is not neatly packaged in white-picket fences and two-car garages. But life that is vibrant. Life that is raw. Life that is beautiful. Life that is plentiful.

Two weeks. It is not enough. It is not enough time to fully acclimate and sink into the appreciation of the life here in India. It is not enough time to spend with all the people I remember so fondly and have reacquainted with so easily. It simply is not enough time to spend soaking in the plenty. 

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  1. Yes, It is very short time but I am pretty sure you will make it a memorable one!