Monday, March 9, 2015


One of my favorite parts of the daily routine at rehab is stopping at 10 am for breakfast. I don’t know what about it I like. Perhaps it is the chance to fill my empty stomach, or maybe it is the chance to join in the comradery of staff who have all taken a pause to break fast. Whatever it is holds a certain charm for me.

This is how it goes. Approach cashier and order meal; for me, that would typically be one plain dosa and a double tea. Hand over currency and wait for change and your meal tokens, noting that you might get change in chewy candies—don’t be alarmed— this is the status quo. The meal tokens alert the chefs of what you ordered. The blue token is plan dosa (for what I could tell), and the lime green tokens are for hot beverages. With tokens in hand approach the kitchen and re-place your order, then marvel at the technique in which the food is prepared. Once completed, the chef motions you to lift your dish so he can plate your meal. Proceed to the small kitchen for your chutney de-jour and sambar. Find a place to sit, and begin enjoying. 

Prepping the griddle for dosa making
My dosa
My barista
The canteen from a far
Friends at morning break

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