Thursday, March 28, 2013


One of the recommended tourist attractions in Mysore is Chamundi Hills. From the top of the hill, you stand to gain a great perspective of Mysore and the surrounding landscape. The prime real estate at the top of the hill is also home to a Hindu temple. We made our way to the top for the views and the intrigue of a unique descent. We had heard that there were one thousand steps that lead from the bottom of the hill to the top, and decided that we would see if we could find our way off the mount via the steps.

After being dropped at the top by the #302 bus, we wandered the street market that led to the temple, and enjoyed the panoramic views. Numerous signs warned us not to take plastic to the top as it was in some way forbidden. We obeyed, yet did not fail to notice that nearly ever object sold at the street market near the temple was protected in plastic. Ironic.

Our small little troupe decided to relax for a spell while we soaked in the views and enjoyed in the warm breeze. We took the opportunity to get to know one another a little better, which is just the type of conversation I enjoy very much. Eventually we stirred our weary bones and set off to find the steps. On our quest to find these steps, which no one seemed to know much about, we bartered our way into a few gifts for friends and family.

We did find the steps… eventually. They looked like they just led to the toilets, which they did, but they also lead all the way down the hill. We just didn’t look hard enough the first time by. Another life lesson? Sometimes the path you are supposed to take looks like it doesn’t lead anywhere very fun or where you want it to go; but that doesn’t change the fact that it is, indeed, the path you need to take. We took the path; doubtfully, at first. Then we saw a few sweaty travelers and decided that it probably was the path we wanted to take. We also decided that going down the path was a much better idea than going up the path, which was our original plan. So down we trekked. Down one thousand steps, each one tinted with red powder at the edge of the tread. The red powder comes from the devoted Hindu that vows to mark each step on their way up as part of a bargain to their gods. (At least that was the explanation I was given.)

We rewarded our long trek with a quick auto ride back into town to a fine European hotel where we sat in the cool shade, ate, visited, ate, relaxed, and ate. Blissful!

The "market" leading to the temple. A plethora of plastic... 
I believe these are actually used as offerings at the temple. 
The temple
Starting the walk down. (L to R: Jonas, Maaike, Charlie, Luise)
One of the vendors on the way down the hill.
A view of Mysore.
Another view of the city and surrounding landscape. 
Crushing sugar cane for the weary and parched trekkers that pass by on their way up (or down) the hill.
This frightful looking bull marks the halfway point. Happy to see him, despite his intimidating appearance. 
Marking. Every. Step.
The path we descended. 
As we neared the bottom we found more structures and architectural elements flanking the path. 
The bottom. Where is starts.... or stops. 
Monkey business. 
This is the horn on our auto. This is pretty typical for autos here in India. This little "ga-woo-ga" horn does battle with the huge fog-horn-like monsters of the lorries and buses. Always and adventure!
This photo was taken at our relaxation lunch; however this combination of anise seed and sugar is very common for after dinner breath refreshers. 
My lunch. So good. So spicy. 
The Green Hotel where we spent our afternoon. This hotel seemed to have a very significant British influence about it. 
The Green Hotel. 
After we had spent a few hours in the restaurant of the Green Hotel, we made our way to the coffee shop inside the hotel for more coffee and after lunch sweets. 


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