Monday, March 25, 2013


My first experience at the Mysore Palace was watching a caravan of elephants lazily plod through the grounds. No big deal. My second experience at the Mysore Palace was watching my travel companions and I lazily circumnavigate the grounds looking for a way in. We were told to march “that way” by some locals. “That way” eventually got us to the main gate; however, we soon discovered that “that way” was the long way around. Live and learn. 

Once inside the gates we wandered about the magnificent structure and imagined what it must have been like to live there. Soon enough we made our way to the entrance of the palace itself to see and marvel over the interior spaces. Elaborate. Extravagant. Elegant. Excessive. Gold-plated pillars. Stained glass ceilings. Precious stones inlayed in marble floors. Simply… palatial. I do not have interior photos to share as once again, cameras and shoes were confiscated at the door. Upon exiting the palace, we stopped for a snack and looked on as fellow tourists paid to ride camels and elephants around the palace gardens. We left the grand piece of architecture with anticipation of seeing it lit like a Christmas tree the following evening. 

The palace elephants. (Palace in background)
Our walk around the palace.

The palace temple.
The palace by daylight.
Just as we had planned, we arrived for the second time at the Mysore palace about 15 minuets before the lights came on. It was a grande spectacle. As the lights come on, the band strikes up and serenades the onlookers as they marvel in the beauty of the lit palace. After taking our fill of photos (who am I kidding, I'll never get my fill), we sat on grounds, sipped tea and chatted merrily about our weekend in the golden glow of the palace. It was perfectly lovely. 
The palace just before dusk as seen through the East Gate.
The palace at dusk.

The lit palace at dusk.
Up close.

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  1. Wow! Beautiful architecture! I love the photo of the palace through the east gate.