Monday, February 11, 2013

CHAD- Immunization Clinic: Part II

I posted a bit about the immunization clinic that happens on Wednesday’s at CHAD here. This post will not add too much to the content, but rather some visualization of what goes on during the clinic. I was able to take a few photos during the bustle of it all. Enjoy!

Door #10: Occupational Therapy
The calm before the storm
The storm.

Mr. Sam, Martin, Angeline and Jayanthi ready for the first babies to screen. 
Martin, Angeline, and Jayanthi checking out primitive reflexes. 

The babies are weighed first, then sent to us for developmental screening.
Many of these photos were taken with my camera in my lap and underneath the table, so quality is not stellar. However, it was fun to catch some of the moments where kids were entertaining themselves. 

Weighing babies. The dark marks on the face are thought to protect the child and bring good health and prosperity, from what I was told. 


  1. It refreshes my old CHAD memories.

  2. This looks great! It reminds me of helping out at the immunization clinic in Tampa, Florida. Thanks for this information.

  3. What a cool experience! I recently went to the immunization clinic in Tampa, Florida and I am so happy I did. Everyone is getting so sick!