Saturday, February 2, 2013


This post would probably be more accurately entitled “These are the villages around Vellore“ but that just doesn’t sound as catchy. India is a big country. It is a country with great diversity and variety. For instance, there are fifteen different languages used on the rupees notes as there are about that many “official” languages spoken throughout the country (I understand that there are many, many more than that actually spoken). So to post a blog that declares “this is India” is a rather bold move.

The past few days I have been making trips to the surrounding villages near Vellore. These trips have been the Indian equivalent of occupational therapy Home Health care. I will write more on this later. What I want to share now are some of the faces and places I have seen while out in the villages.

I realized two things about half a day into my photographing:
  1. I am loving photographing people faces and expressions. However, I think it is probably very strange for those being photographed to have an odd white girl snapped their photo. I started showing people their photos (if they caught me taking it), and the joy and laughter that spread across their faces as they looked at the captured image gave me confidence that they probably didn’t mind too much.
  2.  I really, really should have taken some photography lessons because I think I am not doing this place and its people justice. (Chelle, if you are reading this, I was serious about virtual lessons. Also, I wish you could have been with me to take the “perfect” shots. Instead you will have to suffer through my mediocrity.)