Monday, February 11, 2013


Over the past two weeks I have spent a bit of time in the surrounding villages. I have loved seeing the way of life in each village, and have tried to capture a bit of that for those back home to see. This post is mostly photos of village life.

Honey anyone? (Dad, this one is for you. I couldn't help but think of those days as a kid when we used to chew honey comb like gum during extracting season.) 

Angie and her cup of coffee. 

Martin and Neenu with coffee. Cheers!

A village scene. 

The local electrician. (Dad, thought you might want to show your electrician how it is done in India. :) ) 

All the doors seem to be wild colors with funny markings on them. I think the numbers and letters are the address. Never was able to get a clear answer to that question.

This is the land in which I live. This is what my village "commute" looked like. 

Where will these feet end up going? 

More doors.

If I had to guess, I would say he is making egg oothappam. 

Most of the time I would get blank stares or scared looks from the kiddos, but sometimes I could get them to laugh.

The older generations are more eager to flash a smile to a strange white girl.

This is that stare I was speaking of... 

A coolie we met on our way to a house visit. 


My team on their way to another house visit.

If I only knew what he was thinking...

This little darling was so active I'm amazed I was able to capture her photo. 

Eager to pose for my camera.

The makings of incense sticks. 
Incense sticks in the making.

These rag-tag group wanted me to take photo after photo after photo of them. 

What is a day in the villages without my shot of a weathered face? 

Notice the rope through the nose... all the cows are tethered this way.

A typical mailbox.

Those eyes slay me!

Jennifer K., this is a sign advertising the tiffen meals. Just down the street from me is a tiffen service shop where you can pick up "to go" lunches on your way to work. I have not done this.

The eyes!

Again, the rope through the nose.... 

Ladies hard at work. I cannot hardly stand properly in a saree, let alone work the rice fields in one. I am notably impressed.


  1. Amazing.Pictures speak more than words.

  2. Forget my saree... can you please bring me one of those BEAUTIFUL children instead?!?!? They are so precious!!!

    1. I believe that is classified as child trafficking. That is illegal. I love you, sister, but I will not engage in illegal acts for you. I'm bringing you back a saree. I'll stick in a few photos of kiddos for you. :)