Wednesday, March 30, 2016


It was the afternoon of the wedding, just after the first (Bride’s) reception that followed the wedding. My posse of people were waxing hot, and tried and had made the decision to retreat back to our hotel to refresh and cool off before the second (Groom’s) reception that evening. But first: a stop for curbside cocktails (non-alcoholic). Being fairly parched, I took a pause from my photography to quickly agree to partake of the beverage being offered. That is to say, I quickly agreed to it before actually knowing what it was I had agreed to.

Nothing like it. Seriously.
The roadside beverage stand was near the reception hall and tucked under a shady tree. The men behind the bar worked quickly and in sync with one another as they mixed together our drinks. The main “barkeep” said very little and smiled even less. With each ingredient he added to my cocktail, my suspicion rose a little more. What in tarnation had I agreed to drink!?!? It reminded me of my summer days as an imaginative child mixing together random sticks, stones, mud, and water to create the perfect pie/drink/dinner/what-have-you. I was thankful that the ingredients he was mixing looked more edible than sticks and stones, yet I was rather dubious that it would taste any better.

Squeezing fresh lime and slicing fresh chili
The cast of characters in my cocktail was as follows:
-         -  Mystery Juice (This was the main ingredient and can best be described as flat orange Fanta)
-          - Fresh ginger paste
-          - Freshly squeezed lime
-          - Freshly sliced green chili pepper
-          - Grape flavoring (artificial concentrate)
-          - Salt (lots)
-          - Pepper (even more)
-          - Kasa-kasa (which looks, and tastes, a bit like chia seeds)
-          - Ice

All ingredients were measured into a glass and served cold.

Shaken, not stirred. 
My commentary on the taste is this: I have never tasted anything like it. It was oddly spicy, sweet and refreshing. I would have it again any day! 


  1. I hope that had good coffee and cake, too.

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