Friday, March 25, 2016


Upon arrival at CMC Rehab, I am required to check in with the Principal’s office to obtain my badge and let my official volunteer status be recorded. In the past this has been where I get ushered off to the local police station to register my name and housing status. Despite having nothing to hide and having completed everything by the book (or so I think), this is the part that makes me nervous. Last year it took me half the week, multiple trips to the police station, and a change in housing location to finally sort out my issues with registering at the local police station.  

I was delighted this year to discover that I am no longer required to register at the local police station. Instead I was ushered off to the library to fill out and electronically file a vague form, Form C. I don’t exactly know what Form C is all about, but I dutifully filled in the blanks with my name, permanent address, passport and visa number, and any other pertinent information. With the confirmation number in hand, I trotted back to the principal’s office to seal the deal. This process was so much easier to accomplish. This also means that I am free to stay where I choose vs. staying at a location that has previously been registered with the police. Yahoo!

Within 24 hours of arrival, everything was in order and I was at liberty to go about my business… until I got a call at 730 the next morning. This call from an unrecognized number woke me up.

Unidentified caller: “Hello, is this Miss Emily Loonden?”

Me: “Yes.”

Caller: “I am calling from the Bagayam police station. It seems there is a problem with your visa.”

Me: Oh crap! Here we go again! But wait… how in the heck do they even have my visa, I never registered there? And how do they have this phone number? “What is the problem?” (in a frustrated and someone demanding tone)

Caller: “Umm.. Yes. There is a problem. You are going to have to take a flight to Nagpur this very night to try to resolve these issues.”

Me: Oh for the love of Pete! This is ridiculous! And why the heck Nagpur??? Also, this guy’s English is pretty darn good. Tell me what the problem is.

Caller: “Just take a flight this evening and it could be sorted out.”

Me: (long pause) “Neeraj? Is this you?”

Caller: (short paused followed by stifled laughter). “Yes!”

As it turns out, my early morning prank call was an old friend attempting to con me into flying up north to pay him a visit. I tell you what, there’s nothing quite like telling a traveling foreigner that there is something wrong with their traveling papers to get their blood flowing in the morning. Well played, Neeraj. Well played. 

Just a few random photos from around Bagayam... only because a blog post without them seems so very dull. 


  1. I don't know how I missed your blog... Anywho I love reading about your time! Keep the stories coming.

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