Saturday, January 26, 2013


Years ago I sat down and wrote out a bucket list for myself. To this day I’m not really sure how serious I was about the items on the list, but I had fun dreaming up things I’d like to do. I have no idea where that list is, or if it is even still around. I do remember some of the items on the list. Living in India was one of them. Check. Skydiving: check. Getting my Master’s degree: check. Having breakfast on a hot air balloon while I watch the sun rise: still working on that one.

My race gear: shoes, race bib, finisher's certificate, medal, and Indian flag.
Running in an organized race was also on that list. Now, this one is kind of strange one for me. I hate running. I run (and engage in other forms of exercise) because I like eating. I run because it feels so good when you are done. I’m not sure why “running a race” made it on to my bucket list, as I think bucket lists are supposed to be reserved for things you enjoy. I guess there was something in me that doubted I could finish a race, and also a little something in me that wanted to prove myself that I could do it. Today was that day. Run a 5k: check. This was a bonus bucket list check off because I ran the 5k IN India. Winnning!

This is Vinoth (one of the A2 physios) and I before the race. I was not yet fully awake. Clearly.
Charlie is ready to volunteer... after she wakes up the rest of the way.
This was the pre-ceremony and raising of the Indian flag.
Charlie had my camera for the race. I think she took photos of everyone. This is Vinoth again. He was a 10k runner. 
This is Jewel, one of the OTs at CMC. Yet another 10k runner.

More runners. It was a beautiful run. 
Vinoth on his last lap.
My time was satisfactory at 32 minutes and 14 seconds. When I finished, I suddenly wished I had signed up for the 10k, thus proving that temporary insanity may be a side effect of running. However, I now want to run a 10k… (Marj, are you reading this? I get back in April.)

Alok and I running past Charlie's post.
I enjoyed this run for a number of reasons. It felt great to be out running. It was fun to run past Charlie as she shouted out words of encouragement like a regular high-school cheerleader. It was fun to run past Neeraj, one of the coordinators and an A2 physio, as he chided me for not running faster. It was fun running with Alok, although I think he would have had faster time if he would have just left me in the dust. I cannot compete with someone who gets up at five o’clock every morning to go running. But I will admit, it was nice to have someone to try to keep up with. It was fun to cheer others on as they cross the finish line.

The serving line for breakfast.
Such good food, served buffet style. 
There was a breakfast provided after the race. It was a feast. Pongal, dosai, multiple chutneys, sprout salad, and more. So good. After eating I felt like I needed to go running again!

Alok and I after the run.
My roommate (who was brave enough to get close to me after I ran a race in the heat).
Roommates, batch mates, joined at the hip: Neeraj and Alok
Charlie showing the runners the way.
Jewel, looking great after running her 10k.

Charlie, Maaike, and Neeraj: trusty volunteers and a superb coordinator. 
Vinoth celebrating his finish with a friend.
An incredible racer. 
Alok and I at the end.
This kiddo was the youngest racer there. I see now why people stare at me... I look as white as a ghost next to their beautiful skin tone!
Jewel enjoying breakfast,
Neeraj. Finally captured a good smile from him!
Today was a good day. I am “shattered” (as they say in England—it means tired, bushed, burnt out), but I checked something off that bucket list. Checked something off, and added two more. Run a 10k, learn a traditional Indian dance. More on that last item later! 

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  1. Incredible post Em! actually you gave me a great company and tips regarding marathon ( since it was my first marathon). I am sure you can make it for 10 km.Let me know if you are doing in India.Great collection of pictures.Will be waiting for next posts.