Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The housing saga continues. Charlie and I confirmed our housing for the CHTC this past week. We had planned on moving in and out of the CHTC during the course of our stay there as a solid stretch of accommodations was not to be had. We counted how many times we would be moving. Nine times. Count ‘em. One, two, three… seven, eight, nine. Nevertheless we were happy with our situation.

And then we met Mrs. George and her house. Mrs. George lives in a private house just ten minute walk from the CMC college campus. Her husband, who has since passed on, was a doctor in Kerala and both of her grown children are doctors at the CMC. She lives alone… in paradise.

Her beautiful home is at the end of a quiet, residential dirt road just off the Bagayam junction. There are two rooms upstairs that she “lets” (rents) out to students. Currently there is a student living with her, but she will be moving out this weekend and no other bookings have been made. Charlie and I will be moving in on Sunday. We have cancelled all our other accommodations and have accepted Mrs. George’s offer instead. Yes, it is a bit of a walk off campus, but it is quiet and safe. Charlie and I will be making the trek together, so I don’t think it will be too bad. We are also in the market for cheap bikes so that the distance to campus can be covered even faster. The other concern we had was internet access, but that too has been resolved. Some of the therapy staff are loaning us their internet dongal so that we can have unlimited internet at our new home. We are thrilled to have a place to call “home.”

I will post photos once we move in, but let me give you a brief description. Beautiful tile floors throughout. A “western” kitchen (with gas stove and refrigerator). Running hot water. Room cleaning service. Terrace AND rooftop access. Stunning views of the surrounding hills and incredible sunsets. Quiet. Amen. A place to come apart before we come apart, if you catch my drift. A place we don’t have to move in and out of multiple times. An oasis off the beaten path. A safe haven. And Mrs. George teaches cooking lessons!

When we prayed for our housing situation, we asked for safety. He gave us paradise. Ephesians 3:20. Can I get an “amen?”

After visiting Mrs. G’s house last Sunday, we set off for the swimming hole to think and pray about the decisions we needed to make. And we walked right into yet another pocket of paradise. The pool was beautiful. We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging by the pool and wondering how much a monthly membership would be because we certainly will make use of that pool as the mercury continues to rise throughout the next few weeks.

For students: If you wander down this path I have trod, bring your swimwear and contact Mrs. George for accommodations. I recommend you take a buddy with you, or find a roommate to share the walk to and from campus with.
Tropical flora.
This is hard to get used to... 

Charlie wasted little time before diving in. As a hydro physiotherapist, I think she was craving a little bit of water for a change.
The view from the side lawn.

My cup overflows. That is all. 


  1. Amen! And yes, you are exceedingly blessed.

  2. Okay, I'm done feeling sorry for you and your difficult living conditions. Third world just went first world plus!!

  3. How absolutely perfect!! And cooking lessons to boot! I'm thrilled for you! Recipes . . . remember to bring home recipes!

  4. I just found your blog (popped up on my facebook feed) and LOVE reading about your adventures! keep the good stories (and amazing photos) coming! Will be praying for you!

    PS your food pictures looked SO delicious, that I actually ordered in Indian for dinner tonight....

  5. Learn your cooking lessons well so you can hold your own classes when you get back. And I love seeing how the Lord continues to do more than you ask. Such a lesson there. Love you.

  6. So interesting!!! Neat to have good accommodations..............and a "swimming hole". May
    our Lord keep you safe and bring you back home!!