Monday, January 7, 2013


This post will serve to inform you of my living situation and (for some of my curious readers) my new wardrobe. I mentioned that I have been trying to move to campus to be closer to the international students. Every evening it is challenging to leave my new friends and trek back to me lonely little Indian “cottage.” I don’t mind the conditions I live in; it is the solitude that I am struggling to accept. Last night I wrote the housing director, and I knew she would respond to me today. This morning I prayed that whatever the answer was, I would have a peace about it. I dearly wanted to be brought closer to the international students; instead, the international students were brought to me. Rumor has it my hotel is now full of international students. I have only met seven of them, and they have expressed interest in getting to know me. The feeling is mutual.

I heard from one of the Norwegians, who was registering today, that the college is currently at max capacity for international students (40). Some of those students are being housed at my hotel. Tonight is a “mixer” of sorts for international students, and I look forward to meeting them.

Eventually I will move to campus (March 1st), but for now I will stay where I am. And this is where I am. I am in room number 4 of Ananda Bhavan Hotel. It is a small little room painted a lovely Pepto-Bismol pink color. A small lockable closet (where Gentry lives) sits off in the corner. There are two small, rather firm, beds and two “bedside” tables.
My room!
The closet in my room. 
The bathroom is through a tall narrow door (that doesn't really open all the way) to the left as you walk into the room. For American standards, the bathroom is not really very clean. There is a small sink as you walk in, with a “shower” to the right. My shower is actually a combination of three faucets. I have a shower head that delivers water from the corner of the bathroom at a normal shower height. There is a faucet below that with a bucket to catch the water. Both of these water sources are cold. Just in front of my sink is a blue faucet at hip-height that delivers really hot water. My showers consist of me turning on both hip-height faucets and letting the buckets below fill with water. I then take the small plastic pitcher and mix them to create a pleasant water temperature, and then pouring it over myself with the same pitcher. It works like a charm!

There is not much more to my place than that. There is laundry service for 5 rupees/piece if I leave my clothes in a bag outside my door with my name on it. The room is cleaned every four days (or at least once a week) at my discretion; I just leave my room key with the night guard. There is a night guard that comes at 5:00pm and leaves at 7:30am. Like many Indian residences, the door locks from the outside with a large bolt and padlock. From the inside, it locks with two sliding bolts. It serves its purpose. The nice thing about my place is that one light and the fan will continue to work during an outage. Many places are not like that.

As far as clothing, I did not pack properly. I was misinformed. Traditional Indian attire is best. My advice, come a day early and buy clothes once you are here. Pack REALLY light. Long, loose tops are preferred. Scrub pants are tolerated. That is the best advice I have for clothing for females. Males, slacks and button up shirts are the standard.

 I must run off to the “mixer” now. My love to all, and thank you for the thoughts, comments, and prayers. 


  1. I LOVE your new wardrobe! Colorful and comfy. What could be better?!

  2. Emily, you are gorgeous!!! Those colors fit you so well!!!

  3. Looking great! Looks comfy too. And I like your cheery little room - plus an entire extra bed for paraphernalia! pJ

  4. I'm glad to hear you are faring well, and that hope for more friends is on the horizon :) I also must concur that your new wardrobe is FABULOUS!!


  5. I love your new wardrobe! Is the hot water heated by solar power? ie stored in a tank on the roof. If so, your showers will be lots warmer at night than in the morning. You're going to have a fabulous time!! Keep writing, I love to read your posts!

    Carrie Fiedler

  6. The clothes are tres fab! They look so comfy! Thanks for the photos! Also, I kinda dig the pink paint. All you need are a few Hello Kitty posters, and you'll be set. Where should I send them? ;)

  7. Hi Emily! I'm enjoying reading about your trip - remembering my trip to India in 2004 - doesn't seem that long ago, but I guess it was! I love the clothes you picked - I kept some of mine :) I am really happy for you that you have an 'American' toilet. :) A dream! I'll enjoy keeping up with your blog.
    Becky (Hayhoe) Walters

  8. How does the whole locking-of-the-room situation happen? Two locks on the inside, and one on the outside. Are you locked into your room in the evening? What if there is a fire?

  9. Emily - I am glad that Anne sent an email listing your blog. I do not remember that you were going to India! What a fabulous experience. Enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading about what you are doing. Look forward to reading more.
    Cathy Elvins

  10. Love the clothes although Ted doesn't want me to conform to Indian attire quite yet. He says more pictures of food; less of clothes!

  11. Your blogs are like a good book i can't put down haha, i'm up wayyy too late ;p so kudos to you for not complaining on the shower, i'm kinda horrified over here ;D i like your room though, and leave it to you to KEEP the gecko...eeekk!!! ~Cathy :)

  12. Em! You look so stinkin adorable in your new wardrobe!