Saturday, January 12, 2013


I thought I would post of few photos of some of the wildlife I have seen since arriving. There isn't too much that is different than the US. There are little creepy crawlies, birds, squirrels, dogs and cows—all of which can be seen frequently in the US. However, you don’t see cows wandering around the streets of busy towns like you do here, so the context is a little different. I thought I would post a few photos of the things commonly seen here which are not commonly seen in the part of the US I am from. I am getting used to seeing them here now. Enjoy. 

Yes, this is a bat. This the 'bat tree.' This campus tree is home to hundreds of huge bats. It is hard to tell in this photo, but the bats are about the size of a dinner plate with their wings all tucked in. The bats eat mosquitoes, so I'm not at all unhappy about them. However, after learning that they existed in this tree I began to realize that the 'bird' that pooped on me my first night here was actually one of these creatures. Lovely. 
A lizard, not MY lizard (Gentry) but a lizard nonetheless. 
Monkeys! I told you there were monkeys on campus, and I knew I would get photo proof soon. These guys were out frolicking around as I walked on campus today (with my camera in hand this time!)
One of the young ones chewing on something yummy (for a monkey)
Sitting on top of the trash bin eating lunch. 
Looking for lunch in the soil.
A young monkey stopping to nibble on something.


  1. I love the monkeys! They are so cute. I haven't commented yet, but I am loving your writing! Very entertaining. Also, you are in my prayers. Much love to you from afar!

  2. Not so fond of bats or geckos even though they eat mosquitoes; but the monkeys are fun to watch. Are they all this gray?

    1. All the monkeys I have seen look like this. I'm sure there are other species of monkeys elsewhere around here though.