Saturday, January 12, 2013


Before I left for my trip, I tried to Google search images of the place where I would be staying. It was very difficult to find anything, thus I determined that I would do my best to post photos of around the college. This post will be the fulfillment of that promise to myself.

The one blog I did find that had photos was confusing for me to follow. The author had tried to describe the campus as if you were walking through it. I got lost sitting on my own couch at home, so I thought that I would just take some photos that would give the overall feeling of what the CMC College campus looks/feels like rather than try to orient the photos to one another. I will do my best to describe each photo.

The large shade tree near the CHTC building.

This is a typical scene of many of the roads throughout the college campus. 

This is where I catch the bus to the hospital every morning.

The building in the background is the College Canteen where I eat my evening meals. 

Another shot of the main roads through the campus. 

This little garden area is one of the first things you see when you enter the main gate. 

This is the Carmen Block building. Registration and administration affairs happen in this building. 

The building behind the vegetation is the Women's Hostel.

The main road sweeps in front of the Women's Hostel.

A terrace near the library and chapel.

Looking through the terrace into a quiet little garden. The chapel is in the background.
The garden adjacent to the chapel. 

Not really sure what building this is, but it is alongside the main road near the library.

The Gault library.

The college store. You can get anything you need here. Seriously. Pack light and bring resources to support this facility.  Just a little advice for those you plan to visit. 

The Big Bungalow. This is housing to students on campus, international and otherwise. 

This is the Big Bungalow Annexe. I will be living here my last month, so I will be able to give you photos of the inside of this building soon enough. 
This points to my second "home."

This is the Bergen House. This building also offers housing to students. 

A scene from the "residential" area of campus. (This is where the doctors live.)

A doctors house.

This is Vidyalayam, the school that Dr. Margaret Brand was instrumental in establishing.
I took a photo of the sign so I would know how to spell it. 

Another doctor's residence.

This is the main building of the Mental Health Center.

This is one of the many guards that stands post at all hours of the day and night on campus. 

This is a view of inside the College Canteen. 

The kitchen at the College Canteen.

The Gym has a pretty nice table tennis setup. I have yet to play.

This is my "home away from home," the Modale International Hostel. I come here to hang out with other international students and use the internet. 


  1. It's so nice to see pictures of where you are! Love you.

  2. The campus looks beautiful!! Lots of green. Have you had rain?

    1. No rain yet. I don't think I will see rain while I'm here. I was told yesterday that during the summer the temperature reaches 118 degrees on average. Summer started in February last year. It could be a loooong three months for me! :)

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